Adjustable Dumb bells 2.5-24kgs (Single Unit)

£200.00 £300.00

Adjustable Dumb bells 2.5-24kgs (Single Unit)

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£200.00 £300.00
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  • Dumbbell that can solve your troubles: Lack of exercise, but do not want to exercise outdoors? Want to exercise your muscles, but it is a little difficult to go to the gym? Want to lose weight, but time and occasions are not allowed? Why not choose this portable dumbbell to start exercising anytime, anywhere?
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  • Comfortable and durable dumbbell: Dumbbells are made of silicon steel, which does not rust or fade. It can stand the test of time, and ordinary dumbbells in the market will rust when used for a long time; the handshake parts use human body wear-resistant handshake to promote blood circulation of fingers.
  • Adjustable weight dumbbells: Are you worried that using inappropriate dumbbells for training is not effective? Don't worry, our dumbbells have different weight scales, just turn the wheel to the gear you need and lift to train. The dumbbell chassis and dumbbell plate are locked with locking grooves for safety.
  • Wide use of dumbbells: Due to different adaptation levels, whether it is for rehabilitation training, fitness training, aerobic exercise, strength training, weight training, jogging, Pilates or bodybuilding, dumbbells are suitable for everyone and all sports, you You can always rely on dumbbells for the perfect application scenario, we recommend that you use this kit for all sports.

Technical Specifications:

  • Name: Dumbbell/dumbbell set/Adjustable Fillable dumbbell
  • Dumbbell material: Sand steel sheet
  • Weight: 24kg
  • ...
  • Size: 22.5 * 44.5 * 21 cm / 8.9 * 17.5 * 8.3 inches
  • Quantity: 1
  • Exercise site: Deltoid muscle of shoulder joint, pectoralis major muscle of front chest, biceps and triceps of upper arm, latissimus dorsi, erector spinae, waist and abdomen.
  • Applicable scene: Home, outdoor, gym, yoga studio, fitness club, competition.
  • Applicable actions: Rehabilitation exercise, strength training, fitness training, muscle training, jogging, stretching, yoga, gymnastics, bodybuilding.
£200.00 £300.00
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  • Description

    Adjustable Dumbbells 24kgs

    • Do you want to build your body and build muscles in a targeted manner? This multi-purpose dumbbell can meet all your needs.
    • You can use dumbbells to exercise biceps, triceps, arms, burn more calories, at the same time can better improve your immunity and maintain good health.
    • This is a dumbbell recommended by private gyms and professionals and is also ideal for fitness beginners and enthusiasts.


    • Dumbbells are heavier, so please use scientific and reasonable fitness methods or movements, and beginners should exercise under the guidance of fitness coaches.
    • During periods when the dumbbell is not in use, we recommend that it be placed in a safe place, such as on the floor of a fitness room, on a dedicated shelf, or in a box to prevent it from falling due to children playing or bumping.
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