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2000W, Smart PTC Ceramic Heater, wifi controlled heater, Control with Alexa, google, Siri or Apple Watch
Control the temperature remotely from ENERJSMART App or voice control with Alexa, Google, Siri, or Apple Watch PTC Ceramic Technology: Advanced PTC ceramic heating elements provide faster, more efficient, longer, and safer heat transfer than traditional fan heaters. This electric...
£89.99 £56.99
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2000W WIFI Electric Wall Heater with LED Display Most Silent, Economic & Energy Efficient Electric Wall Heater
2000W WIFI Electric Wall Heater The Most Silent, Economic & Energy Efficient Electric Wall Heater (also known as a Panel Heater, Electric Radiator, Convection Heater or Convector Radiator) a Slimline, flat panel design (glass fronted) with rounded edges, Modern, stylish...
£159.99 £120.99
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ENERJ Wifi Tower Fan, Voice & App Control, Oscillating Tower Fan with Timer, 32 Inch, 3 Speed Wind Mode Standing Cooling Fans for Home & Office
32 Inch ENERJ WIFI Tower Fan ENERJ Smart is Best Tower Fan in Class 32 Inch Air Cooling Fan with Size Dimension of 17 X 16.5 X 82.5 cms and operates on 45W Power. Comes with Three Wind Choices, Sleep...
£69.99 £55.99
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