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Step into the world of modern living and embark on an exciting exploration of our smart Electricals showcased throughout our house. Through our immersive virtual tour, you can navigate seamlessly through various rooms and spaces, gaining insights into the remarkable features of our products

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ENER-J Smart Homes


ENER-J Smart Homes


About the virtual tour, its emphasis

Immerse yourself in the future of home automation with our captivating virtual tour. We understand the importance of
experiencing our smart Electricals firsthand to help you make informed decisions. That's why we've created this interactive
journey, allowing you to discover the exceptional benefits and seamless integration of our products within a realistic environment.

Look for the navigational arrows

Within each room, you'll find user-friendly navigational arrows strategically placed. Simply click on these arrows to move seamlessly from one area to another.

Click on the arrows to explore

Once you spot a navigational arrow, click on it to effortlessly move to the next room or space.

Hover over product indicators

As you explore each room, keep an eye out for indicators placed on or near our Smart Electricals. By hovering your cursor over these indicators, you'll unlock a wealth of information.

Delve into product details

Take advantage of the detailed information provided when hovering over the product indicators. Dive deeper into the features, functionalities, and benefits of each Smart Electrical.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A smart home allows homeowners to control appliances, lights, and other devices remotely using a smartphone or tablet through an internet connection. Smart homes can be set up through wireless or hardwired systems. Smart home technology provides homeowners with convenience and cost savings

You can build a smart home very easily with our products as you dont require to buy any additional hub for our products, You can plan and upgrade your house slowly every month or week as per your convenience by buying selecting and buying products for each of your room and they all will work with your existing Wifi network that helps them communicate with each other and with you, via your smartphone.

We provide the most affordable range of smart products in the market.

It really depends on your needs. We have a wide range of products from smart bulbs, string lights, smart switches and the list goes on would suggest to check our website for all products or you can download a copy of our catalogue for your reference.

We have more than 80 products working on a single app and we take pride in providing one of the best after sales service in the market.

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